Sunday, February 3, 2008


This is kind of Cliche. But, there's got to be some sort of an introduction first. This blog is meant for people who are intending to get themselves educated with Supernatural knowledge. Besides, I will be adding ghost clips, pictures and information which will be useful to filling yourself with sufficient intelligence to deal against the Supernatural stuff.

Till today, scientists are still unable to give a clear definition in which ghosts exist or not. For me, this ambiguity has turned into such a childish nightmare. In the original series of the "Ghostbusters", the professors have to invent guns that eject protons beams to help neutralize the electrons (which belong to the ghosts) before they are sucked helplessly into a Ghost-Trap. This mentality is a fun one but it is definitely something that I am not going to embrace.

Ghosts, aliens, demons and mythical beings are all mysterious. In my humble opinion, there is really no way to make sure they exist - or not. So, all we have to do, is to just arm ourselves with good knowledge and pray that we never meet such elements. Even if we do, at least we know we can do something right.