Friday, September 5, 2008

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is perhaps one of the most talked about urban legend where children were told about how its evil spirit will appear on a mirror when summoned.
And it is reported that Bloody Mary will do variety of things to whoever that summoned her, which includes killing the person, driving them mad, scratching their eyes out, and even pulling them into the mirror. This game is said to be a test of courage.

This legend has become famous again after a folklorist named Janet Langlois published a book about Bloody Mary.

There are said to be many ways to summon this spirit:

• Stand before a mirror in the dark and repeat her name three times.
• Chant her name a hundred times.
• Chanting in the middle of the night.
• Spinning around.
• Rubbing their eyes.
• Running the tap water.
• Chanting her name thirteen times with lit candles.
• There was said that the summoners should say out the phrase "Bloody Mary, I killed your son!" or "I killed your baby." to summon the evil spirit.

The real story about existence of Bloody Mary as a human remains mystery but there are a few versions about the origin of Bloody Mary. Below are some of the popular versions:

• The most popular one mentioned Bloody Mary as the spirit of a mother who murdered her own children.
• Bloody Mary was referred as the spirit of a witch who was murdered on a huge bonfire for kidnapping and killing teenage girls to regain her youth.
• Another tale relates Bloody Mary as a young mother who committed suicide after her baby was stolen from her.
• Bloody Mary was also rumored to be the spirit of Queen Mary I, where her life was marked by a number of false pregnancies. More rumors mentioned that she was actually said to suffer miscarriage, and this has caused her to have gone crazy.
• There was also a rumor that relates Bloody Mary as the dead spirit of Mary Queen of Scots.

And there are also said that the summoner is most like to suffer any of these consequences:

• Their eyes being ripped out
• Claw marks and scratches all over their body
• They might disappear if Bloody Mary pulled them into the mirror
• Died on the spot after they saw her face

There was an episode in the SuperNatural TV series about a 19 year old girl, named Mary Worthington who was on her way to stardom when she was murdered by someone who broke into her apartment. Later on, Mary Worthington seeks revenge and killed anyone who hides secrets about unsolved deaths from the old mirror that she haunted. The story end when Dean and Sam trap her in a mirror and shatter it to pieces.

There are a few variations about the effect that someone will get after they summoned Bloody Mary, and one of them stated that any young women who walk up a flight of stairs backwards with a candle and hand mirror will see the face of their future husband. Otherwise, that would mean they were not fated to get married.