Thursday, September 25, 2008

Samael - The Prince Of Demons

No one represented evil better than Samael. Although he could be seen as good or bad, depending on what version of the story you read. He is said to be the prince of demons. He is an accuser, destroyer and seducer. Samael is one of the archangels in Talmudic and Christian religions. According to etymologist, his name means venom of God. He is the Angel of Death, who uses poison to slay men.

There are contradicting things written about Samael. Some say that he is the incarnation of evil and is believed to be the chief of Satans or the prince of devils. That’s the reason why he is the patron saint of the sinful Roman Empire. Yet some say that he is a great prince in heaven, although his evil pursuits are more documented.

According to Judaism, Samael is the ruler of the Fifth Heaven. He is also one of the seven regents of the world is has two million angels ready to serve him. He is said to reside in the Seventh Heaven. Then the Talmud also states that Samael is the guardian angel of both Esau and Edom. According to the Sayings of Rabbi Eliezer, he is suspected of tempting Eve by taking the shape of a serpent then seduced and impregnated her with Cain. Samael is also said to be the angel who fought with Jacob and the one who held back the arm of Abraham when he was about to sacrifice his son. When he failed in his purpose, he went to Sarah and told her the news which was the reason why she committed suicide. No other biblical figure has done more evil than Samael.

Samael is also known as the severity of God. He has a hand in the downfall of angels when he led a group of angels who came down and married daughters of men. When Lilith left Adam, it is said that Samael took her as his bride. According to the Zoharistic cabala, Samael has also been linked to Na’amah, Eisheth Zenunim, and Agrat Bat Mahlat. Except for Lilith, all of those mentioned were angels of prostitution. This must be he reason why Samael is the patron saint of Empire of Rome where everyone engaged in carnal enjoyments.

Like any other biblical angel, Samael can fly like a bird. Yet he commands an army of demons that will do whatever he tells them to do. He is evil personified and is said to be equal to Satan. He is the devil that brought misfortune upon Judah and Israel. Even in the beginning, Samael began his evil ways with Adam. His archenemy is Michael, who represents everything good.

When God was about to help the Israelites out of Egypt, Samael brought accusations against them and he was the happy when Moses died. He possessed King Manasseh and brought upon the martyrdom of the Prophet Isaiah. He was victorious over Michael when God judged that the ten religious scholars during the time of Hadrian should die.


bacos said...

thats all cool and stuff, but if he's such an influential character, why dont i remember ever coming across his name any of the times i read the bible?

TheMinkastar said...
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TheMinkastar said...

Because it is based from Jewish traditions, not Christianity. Christianity came after the fact.
Samael can be found in cabala as well as in Jewish lore. He's know today by most as the Angel of Death, or the Grim Reaper. He is also according to some associated with the angels: Azrael, Satan, Lucifer, Azazel, or God heads such as: Saklas Yaldabaoth,and possible Shemal.

HRH King Thomas of Hierosolyma Kt. S.D. O.G.S said...

Christianity- or Naziritism, rather, is far older than Judaism, Hebrew Numbers, the Qabalah and the Torah.

Unknown said...

Is it possible that samael can posess a human body since childhood and live through him as a host I have had a Sam my entire life and recently started looking him up and all the information he has told me I am finding true as well as visions I have had I'm seeing in alot of midevil pictures modern art songs I've been drawn to and so much more I need to know what to do with all this I have my own drawings I'm finding now are in the 72 demons of Solomon please help

Johnny Delgadillo said...

You can Gmail me any helpful info

Johnny Delgadillo said...

You can Gmail me any helpful info

Christopher Beckham said...

Jesus is cain incarnated knowing that his father Samuel is the angel of death. He knows that he will be resurrected.esau is the incarnation of Samuel. That's why he stoped Abraham from killing Esau father. Jacob is Adam. Rachel there mother is eve that's why she helped Jacob steal the blessing of god.

Unknown said...

Email me,
Samael lives.

Nathanael de Boer said...

Email me,
Samael lives.

Jemina Cleopatra said...

Angels of fact this is the first time i ever read this...for fact, demons use today some women as babygivers for this the answers why that happens? I know for sure that ive been there, giving birth to nefilims .as in dreams and visions so clear..and today the name of samael or samiaza bob in to mind, so i started to study this thing..God bless me for i have done sin, but i can only trust in Jesus name..doughters of men really got no chance to say, no i dont want to do so, but they did what they wanted... Sometimes i think im totally grazy, but i understand, there are so many other worlds and dinensions and sometimes they just cracs and I am able to just see through other world and realising how that works.. Im possed and finding way through all of this..

Cameron said...

As I understand, he is still an angel of god. I have read many thing about both his "evil" and his "good."
Samael is considered the angel of death, a fallen angel, compared to Satan, accused of being Satan, etc.
Yet he is still written as the left hand of god, residing in the fifth heaven while being the chief of the seventh heaven and being the angel that gives the "poison" to destroy the ego of man so they are able to receive the knowledge of god.
Most texts point to his "evil" being commanded by god so I don't understand why so many view him as truly evil.
God commands all so nothing can be truly evil.